Our Story


My daughter, Sophie, is the inspiration for Popsiebelle.  I could not wait to hear her voice; I knew all the little bits were there and in the right places, but what would she sound like, and what would she have to say?
Finally I got to hear her voice - her mispronunciation of words created many character names and her imagination shaped the characters and stories we have told to each other. We were living in Canada at the time, and she used to call a Popsicle a “poxibelle” and so with a slight adjustment, the name Popsiebelle was born.
Being an artist, I was able to turn Sophie’s and my imagined world into illustrations, and a world of Popsiebelle characters began to emerge. We played and talked as we imagined the different places they explored, and adventures they went on. Our combined imaginations created dense landscapes filled with a multi-verse of stories that grew and developed as she did. It was a special form of connection and conversations we built over the various stages in her life. She is now turning 14 and our stories are very different but our conversations are still there and continue to grow. This is something I would like to share with other parents.
I am so blessed to be her mother and can never imagine what it would be like not to hear her voice. 

So I thank her with all my heart for her wonderful and imaginative approach to life. I imagine she will do wonderful things in the world with her voice.


This is Popsiebelle, she kind and smart and has wonderful adventures with all her friends. She has two special friends, they are her Sheep Shoes. 
On the LEFT - is She & on the RIGHT - Peep. They talk ALL the time, they continuously ask each other questions - for example:

Popsiebelle is sitting in her rocket ship treehouse and having to listen to their usual argument that rainbow is not a colour and that Peep eats too much candy. 
She: "Of course rainbow is a colour, I love all the colours and I can't seem to choose one, so I choose rainbow as a colour, all the colours of the rainbow all in one."
Peep: "Rainbow is not colour you have to choose one, I love pink!" 
She: "I did choose one - Rainbow!"               

And so the discussions and question asking continues until candy is presented and then their mouths are to full to talk!