Story Starters!

How to Start a story:

Grab your child’s favourite Popsiebelle product, find a comfy place to sit, or even try this while in the car. Let your child point at items they like, and ask some open ended questions* to break the ice.
*Open ended questions, are questions that don’t require Yes or No answers. Eg. Who is this? What is he wearing? Where are they going? What do you think that is?
Once your child is opening up to chatting, try and get a story going. You will quickly see if they are into it, and if not, just continue to let them list things they see and answer some questions instead.

The 5W’s and an H: Simple story principal to follow:

Who, What,  When, Where, Why and How are the basis of most stories, and are also the pillars to build a story on. Once they are established the child has nice easy parameters to create a story in. It takes some practice to get your child to talk in paragraphs, so don’t worry about that at first.

Try these questions for starters:

If you lived here, what would you call the place?
What would be your favourite part?
Who would be your friends? What is special about them?
When would you see them: in the morning, or after school, or at night time?
Where would you and your friends go?
What would you take with you in a bag?
What would you and your friends do when you got where you were going?
How would you do that?
Then what would happen?
Why would you like doing that?

Popsiebelle Story Starter

Cloud Duelling

An ocean of cloud pirate ships lap the air casting shadows, with their sheets of fluffiness on the ground below. As they cast their shadows they look for adventures to invade. 

Captain Crabble and the Cloud Shadow Pirate dual all the time, they hide and find each-other especially on a cloudy day. Captain Crabble is a grumpy one eyed octopus who would love to catch the cloud pirate.

How do you think he could catch the cloud pirate? How would you catch a cloud?

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