Alphabet Girl Story Pillow / Double Sided

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Double the story with double sided Story Pillows!

50 cm x 50 cm - Cotton printed on both sides

  • We want to allow children the opportunity to create and tell their stories in their own words, giving parents access to their world by joining in with storytelling.
  • The story pillow creates a  platform for parents and children to come together and communicate, even if it is telling a silly story about a silly little creature.

Why A Story Pillow?

  • Improves your child’s memory - as they need to remember their previous adventure to continue or change their stories.
  • Encourages interactive storytelling & stimulates imagination.
  • Encourages imaginative little minds to think and explore ideas, concepts and possibilities.
  • The story pillow provides a tactile platform from which children, parents and caregivers can interact together.


  • Printed on both the front and back panels
  • 50 cm x 50 cm Cotton
  • Due to printing - colours may vary
  • Machine Washable
  • No inner supplied


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