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Who is the plopperfluff and what does he do? - He eats bad dreams and monsters!

These pillows are for little people who are afraid of monsters. 

Nobody should be afraid of monsters! 

So we have made our own monster chaser pillows. 

The pillow comes in a cylinder that provides the trap and a spray to "clear the air of monsters"

So how to use our Popsiebelle Monster Pillows. 

1: Choose from 2 design options 

2: The pillows comes with a cylinder and small spray bottle.

3: Fill the small bottle with water.

  • Adding a drop of lavender oil helps to calm the mind.
  • Spray around the room before bed.
  • In the morning you can spray them or empty the cylinder of monsters in the bin.
  • Your little monsters like to hear stories - your stories tend to make other monsters disappear.

4: The cylinder serves as a trap - you can add something that the child will think that could trap a monster.

5: The friendly monsters on our pillows will keep you safe 


  • Single Sided /Denim Colouring may change due to availability of fabric
  • 30cm x 30 cm Cotton
  • Cylinder 18cm (h) x 7cm (w)
  • Spray Bottle 10cm (top to bottom)
  • Due to printing - colours may vary
  • Machine Washable
  • No inner supplied

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