Sleepy Popsiebelle Story Pillow / Single Sided

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Grow your child's imagination with imaginary story pillows!

50cm x 50 cm - Cotton with denim backing

We want to allow children the opportunity to create and tell their stories in their own words, giving parents access to their world by joining in with storytelling.
The story pillow creates a  platform for parents and children to come together and communicate, even if it is telling a silly story about a silly little creature.

Why A Story Pillow?

  • Improves your child’s memory - as they need to remember their previous adventure to continue or change their stories.
  • Encourages interactive storytelling & stimulates imagination.
  • Encourages imaginative little minds to think and explore ideas, concepts and possibilities.
  • The story pillow provides a tactile platform from which children, parents and caregivers can interact together.


  • Single Sided /Denim Colouring may change due to availability of fabric
  • 50cm x 50 cm Cotton
  • Due to printing - colours may vary
  • Machine Washable
  • No inner supplied


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