Could Fairy tales solve Global Warming?

Could Fairy tales solve Global Warming?

Could Fairy tales solve Global Warming?

Why is imagination important for Problem solving?

Often when we think of imagination we think of fairy tales and make believe, and that is definitely the way we learn to use our imaginations, how to entertain ourselves, or escape everyday reality. But our imagination is so much more important to us as Humans. Without our imagination we would still be in caves, hunting and gathering. No one would have thought to aspire to more.  To imagine putting rock on rock to build a dwelling not confined to caves, or send a person to the moon. We would never be able to aspire to more than our present circumstances because we could not imagine anything more than our current reality. Imagination is the basis of problem solving. And an essential part of what keeps our world developing.

So there we go, fairy tales might lead to a cure for cancer, or a way to end global warming.

So what now?

Well, its important to have toys that stimulate imagination, and these are usually not the ones that appear on TV shows with a prescribed list of "actions" and storylines. Toys that don't come with preconceived notions are best, so think of building blocks, a trainset, or a puppet theatre. Bridging this divide can be hard, and children who have been exposed to mostly " TV Show characters" might struggle at first. That is where Popsiebelles characters help bridge the gap.

Popsiebelle is a unique concept allowing children’s imagination to thrive in vibrant, colourful landscapes printed on pillows, bags, placemats and more. Children will name the detailed creatures, imagine their own fantastical world and tell stories of their adventures. At night use the characters on the story pillows as a plush book to inspire a bed time tale.

Recalling stories, reworking them, or starting a new one is all part of the play around Popsiebelle’s well designed and quality made products. Developing 3 essential milestones in early childhood development: imagination, language and memory.

Unlike a traditional storybook which delivers the same tale upon each telling, the Story Pillow provides a wealth of stories to be discovered every night; instead of an author unfolding the plot, the child conjures up the script, characters, and setting of their very own narrative. This will not only aid in the child’s imagination, but will also help with memory recall to continue previous stories.

Nurturing a child’s imagination through storytelling is an excellent way to foster creativity and develop verbal skills, whilst providing parents and your child with a much needed opportunity to communicate and engage with one another in an intimate and rewarding manner. Active storytelling will inevitably allow your child to think in a nonlinear manner, aiding them with their problem solving and ability to think ‘outside the box.’

If you need some tools to encourage your child’s imagination, take a browse here to see how Popsiebelle can help: