Can Tall Stories mean less melt downs?

Why is imagination important for Reasoning with your child? 

Learning to use our imaginations starts as toddlers as we begin to understand that life goes on beyond our immediate reality and surrounding. For example that other people are going about other business in the next room, or in a different city entirely.

Children then develop to the next step of being able to understand that we can make things up.  Play such as dress-up, Make believe and "play-play" are key examples. This is when they learn to start telling their own version or perception of events, which is actually an important developmental mile-stone showing that we understand alternative reality.

Through make believe and making up stories, children’s minds begin to understand these concepts, and cement their role in curating their own reality. You will see that it is easier to reason with a child who understands that their reality is only one of many, than a child stuck in the “here and now” mindset. This is when they develop the ability to display empathy and start to grasp the concept, that others can be sad or hurt by their actions. 

So there you go, fairy tales might lead to more reasoning and  less “melt downs”

How do you increase a childs imagination and their ability to reason?

Children's toys are becoming more and more one dimensional, you pick it up, and it has one purpose to give a ninja kick, or make a funny sound. Even balls must light up, and swords must be just like the one seen on TV, children are being taught that unless something  reacts or conforms to a TV ideal it is not worth playing with. This takes away the imaginative element of play. A pile of blocks can be a million things, and none need to be "just like on TV", this is when the imagination is working at its best, no one is setting limits to what the toy "does".

Popsiebelle is a unique concept allowing children’s imagination to thrive in vibrant, colourful landscapes printed on pillows, bags, placemats and more. Children will name the detailed creatures, imagine their own fantastical world and tell stories of their adventures. At night use the characters on the story pillows as a plush book to inspire a bed time tale.

Recalling stories, reworking them, or starting a new one is all part of the play around Popsiebelle’s well designed and quality made products. Developing 3 essential milestones in early childhood development: imagination, language and memory.

Unlike a traditional storybook which delivers the same tale upon each telling, the Story Pillow provides a wealth of stories to be discovered every night; instead of an author unfolding the plot, the child conjures up the script, characters, and setting of their very own narrative. This will not only aid in the child’s imagination, but will also help with memory recall to continue previous stories.

Nurturing a child’s imagination through storytelling is an excellent way to foster creativity and develop verbal skills, whilst providing parents and your child with a much needed opportunity to communicate and engage with one another in an intimate and rewarding manner. Active storytelling will inevitably allow your child to think in a nonlinear manner, aiding them with their problem solving and ability to think ‘outside the box.’

If you need some tools to encourage your child’s imagination, take a browse here to see how Popsiebelle can help: